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European SpaceEurope is part of the world with the most prosperous countries in 54 countries divided into 9 different groups. After a series of 10 games, the first 9 are directly qualified for the Russian world. The first 8 seconds then the competition after a round-trip meeting. The road is still long, but several teams are beginning to show the tip of their noses. France, England and Croatia at riskWorld Cup ForecastingThe sixth qualifying day will be marked by the loss of France's first place in Group A. The Blues, who had been beaten in Sweden, saw their opponents go off to a goal difference and only three points clear of the Netherlands, third-placed Netherlands. As a result, at the end of August, they will have to win Oranee to avoid an unpleasant surprise. Meanwhile, England has done nothing better than to sketch out Scotland and has seen its status weakened by strong rebounds from Slovakia and Slovenia. Finally, the same sentence for Croatia, defeated on Iceland, and has only two points ahead of Ukraine, the fourth. However, there are no problems for Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Belgium, which remain at the top of their groups. Portugal will have to retract their withdrawal to take Helvets in Group B.Italy and Spain face tough duel Leg expressed Group G is undoubtedly the most exciting group in Europe. Spain and Italy have difficulty finishing first in the rankings and fly directly to Russia without going through the checkpoint. La Roja did not make it through to Macedonia despite a shallow appearance (1-2) and kept their first place in the scoring charts. Italy broke Liechtenstein (5-0) and continues to exert pressure on the people of Lopetegin. See you on September 2nd for the group's return trip: Spain-Italy to Bernabeu. surprises forecast Good or bad, the World Cup standings have a part of surprises. On the positive side, we must highlight the return of the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the double of the Swedish and French duo, the beautiful series of Swiss, Montenegro and Northern Ireland, as well as the beautiful nature of Greece for the Time Barragistas. On the negative side, we recall the complex courses in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Wales, Austria and Romania, which are not yet qualified and far from qualifying. AmSud field Brazil and Argentina in danger World Championship 2018 In the part of the world where the first four teams are directly qualified and the fifth has to cross the intercontinental obstacle, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile head to Moscow for a while. After 14 days, the Seleçao have already qualified for the first leg of the tournament, with Paraguay (1-4) and Paraguay (3-0) having lost out at the end of March. Meanwhile, Argentina fell to Bolivia (2-0) after the campaign's promising start and is now in a legal position before leaving Uruguay at the end of August. Colombia Falcao is a big winner in March and is now the second successor in Bolivia and Ecuador. South Africa Algeria is disappointed, Nigeria ensures World Classification of Classification The African zone played two days. Given that only the first group joins Russia, some teams are already in danger. This is the case in Algeria in B or Cape Verde in D. Fennecs are the last ones with 0 points after the loss oh how important it is for Nigeria (3-1), leader. The Cape Verdean takes the same place as the Algerian team and is in crisis after two defeats. In A, the battle between the Democratic Republic of Congo (6 points) and Tunisia (6). His confrontation on August 28th could relive the group completely. Nigeria, Côte d' Ivoire and Egypt are currently qualified. Concacaf Place Great on the date World Cup At the start of the return phase of the CONCACAF zone, the three hocks are currently winning their tickets in Russia. Mexico, who scored 1-1 at the top of the pool, three points ahead of Costa Rica (11%) and six points in the United States (8%). Panama is currently ranked fourth in temporary fourth place, while Honduras and Trinites are closing March. The next decisive feast at the beginning of September, as well as the Americans' welcome to Costa Rica. Asia / Oceania Iran qualify, Australia are back on track World Cup World Cup Twelve people make up the Asia region, divided into two groups of 6 teams. The first two are Protection Status